Forgotten Tracking Details

Lost or forgotten your online tracking details?
Don't stress, we're here to help...

Your tracking codes are assigned when you kit is assembled, and consists of a unique tracking code and a randomly assigned access key. Don't worry, we don't expect you to remember them, and we understand you may not have kept your receipt slip to hand.

Request a reminder by text.

Simply complete your details below and if we can identify your most recent test record, we'll send you your tracking details by text message.

Last Name
Date of Birth

No luck?

Sorry that didn't work - there's a few reasons why that may be the case:

  • You may not have provided a mobile number with your test.
  • Your kit was not a branded test kit.
  • Your details don't match those given with your kit.
  • Did you order your kit to a different postcode?

If your confident we should be able to locate your record, drop us an email via [email protected] remembering to include your full name, postcode and date of birth.