Tracking Your Results

You can track results via our online result tracking page.

If you have forgotten your result tracking details, you may be able to request a reminder online.

Struggling to collect enough blood?

Some users find this easy - others, less so! We know this can be challenging and we'd like to help. Check out our FAQs for more information, we can send a replacement kit if you need.

We'd love your feedback!

We're always looking to improve the service, and would love to hear your feedback. If you'd like us to reply drop us an email, otherwise just drop your comments in the box below:

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Terrence Higgins Trust operates THT Direct, a nationally funded helpline to give you support, advice and information.

0808 802 1221

Their advisers can provide emotional support if you are worried about your sexual health or have concerns about living with HIV.

For more information please visit THT Direct.

Contacting Test.HIV

If you have query that relates to the service (such as an issue with the website, or test kit) you can contact us directly.

Please that we may be unable to provide test results directly to you, and we cannot give medical advice or treatment.

To contact please email [email protected].

Healthcare Professionals

For more detailed information on the service and patient pathways, please see our Professionals Page.

If you are interested in commissioning the service in your region, please contact us via [email protected].