Kit Instructions

How to Collect Your Sample

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1. Unpack the test kit on a clean surface and wash your hands with warm water.You will find it's easier to collect your sample if you have warm hands. Rubbing them can help too.

2. Choose which finger to use to collect your sample. The best locations for collecting samples are your middle fingers.

3. Use the alcohol wipe to clean your finger, and dry fully with a clean tissue. Blood will not form a drop easily on a moist finger.

4. Twist twice and then remove the tip of the safety lancet to break the seal. Lancets will only activate once.

5. Position the safety lancet against the finger, and press firmly to activate. This will puncture the skin and a small drop of blood will form.

6. Wipe away the first drop of blood with a clean, dry tissue.

7. Massage the side of the finger to form a new drop of blood. You may find it easier to stand up rather than sit to collect your sample.

8. Gently massage your finger to produce drops into the tube. Ensure you 'milk' the finger, rather than squeezing very hard.

9. Try to fill the blood collection tube to the upper line on the side of the tube (marked 600) if you can.If you are unable to collect enough blood, we've included spare lancets, so try another finger (or 2).
Note: We cannot test samples below the 400 line!

10. Apply a plaster to your finger, then tightly press the cap onto the blood tube.

11. Gently invert the tube 10 times, and place into the protective transporter pack.

12. Complete your details on the form enclosed. Please remember to remove and keep the top part as this shows your tracking details.

13. Return your sample and form in the box. Insert the large tab into the slot and press firmly to secure the box. Apply the adhesive security label over the tab area to seal the box.You can return unused parts of this kit so we can reuse or recycle them.